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  • Jared Lewandowski

    Jared Lewandowski

    User Experience Director @GoDaddy, previously @Handy @ancestry + Contributor at @UXmag

  • Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith is either two wily bear cubs stacked in a trenchcoat or a full-grown man — some days it’s hard to tell.

  • Brian Brooks

    Brian Brooks

  • Jared Fliesler

    Jared Fliesler

    General Partner @MatrixPartners. Growth & product guy. Previously at Square, Google, and Slide.

  • Chris Lorenz

    Chris Lorenz

  • Brad


    Creative Director. Art. Music. Tech. Co-Founder of Kley, A Digital Brand Utility Company. http://www.kley.co

  • Anthony Sexton

    Anthony Sexton

    Head of Product @LendInvest and co-founder @nextmoney_. My tweets are my own, personal opinions.

  • Sean Nelson

    Sean Nelson

    Product Designer. Find me at partlysean.com.

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